Roy Kendrick

Lyric Theater owner 1954
     April 23, 24, 2008  from Roy Kindrick

     While I was still in the Airforce I saw a listing under Strout Realty of
     Rolla, Missouri that a small theatre in a nearby town was for sale.  After
     I returned to civilian life I contacted Mr.J. W. Foree, the realtor, to ask
     if the property was still for sale and he replied that it was, and that the
     owner, Mr. Clifford Hough had even reduced the price by a thousand dollars.
     A few weeks later I drove to Newburg to look over the town and the Lyric
     Theatre located on Front Street. 

     I purchased the theatre equipment and business, and was leasing the
     building from a 'committee' whose representative operated the pharmacy
     between the theater building and the Houston House hotel.  

     As I recall, the balcony to the west of the projection booth was only used
     for storage and was quite small.  There was also a small space in front of
     the projection booth, just wide enough for a couple of theatre seats where
     we could monitor the sound and observe the audience. I lived in the
     downstairs office at the southwest corner of the building.

     I believe there were 232 seats (but I've owned several theatres since then
     and that might have been the capacity of one of the others).  The floors
     downstairs were wooden as I recall and the seats were padded bottom (no
     springs) with curved wooden backs I think.  The front rows were wooden
     bottoms and backs I believe, and the stage was elevated about 3 feet from
     the front rows.  The heating system was a coal-fired furnace behind the
     theatre with a motorized auger that fed the coal into the flames.  In later
     years (about 1954) we added a 'barrel stove' in the auditorium using wood,
     and that's the one that someone remembered as sometimes having the 'red-
     hot' stovepipe above it (probably 4 or 5 feet) that glowed red when Roy
     Peck added more wood on some of those cold nights in the Ozark hills.

     I have returned only twice....once in 1958 when I was on a cross-country
     vacation from a job as film editor at the Oklahoma City CBS-TV affiliate
     (KWTV channel 9), and then again on a family vacation in 1974.  

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