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Lyric Live Theater (ROC) - 2005

  • June

    FLIGHT 409

    - Jay Turley 's Modern Tragedy/Comedy

    The freeloading Wimple family
    are preparing to inherit over a million dollars, only to learn there are a few curves along with way.

    Cheryle Hicks     - Toadie Wimple
    Don Spencer       - Dusty Roads
    Frank Bridges     - Willie Wimple
    Gracie Leininger  - Bess Flanagan
    Kadi Haslag	  - Cora Lee
    Katie Feakes      - Sassie Wimple
    Mary Hudson       - Miss Wright
    Shasta Johnson    - Sissie Wimple

  • July

    •  JULY
      Drama Created from History
      Playwright Jay Turley's play, "Orphan Trains West," will be presented at the
      Regional Opera Theatre (ROC). July 23, 24, 29, and 30th.It will be directed by;
      Frank Bridges, using local regional talent.

  • August

    A Variety of musical talent & comedy.
    Local, Regional and Out of State talent will be presented.

    The Cast - back stage photos -  click on name to view photo

  • September

    • Tom Andes, a Traditional Jazz Piano musician and Story Teller from Columbia, Missouri.


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